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Testimonials from our Donors

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Vehicle Donation Testimonials

Over the years thousands of different types of vehicles have been donated to our charity and countless lives have been turned around in extremely positive ways, all because of people like you! Below are some recent testimonials from individuals and families that chose to donate a vehicle through our 501c3 not for profit charitable organization. We invite all donors to send us their testimonial too through the form below. It will only take a few minutes but your words and experience may help potential future donors make the decision to donate with Cars with Causes. Thank you in advance!

Vehicle Donation Testimonials

Donor Testimonials

I donated a Kia and Camry we no longer used and you picked both up within a week. The paperwork came about 3 weeks later and you sold them for a fair price. Happy to have helped your organization and wish you future success.
Toyota Camry Car Donation
Adrian S.
Oakland, CA
I chose Cars with Causes to donate my Chevy Astro Cargo to and the entire process from pickup to paperwork went smoothly. Thanks
van donation
Kurt N.
Milwaukee, WI
I got a new truck and instead of the hassle of trying to sell my Ford F-450 I gave it to your charity and had no issues. The tow guy looked through the truck before he took it and found a crumpled up $20 bill stuck under the seat and handed it to me. Talk about honesty. I'll definitely remember you guys the next time I am ready to donate.
Erica R.
San Diego, CA
My wife and I stopped riding a few years ago and chose your charity to donate her Kawasaki Concours and my Harley Sportster. We will definitely miss riding but age has caught up with us. Good job, I vouch for you and recommend you to anyone reading this. Hope this helps.
William W.
Edison, NJ
My pops and I planned on restoring an old International pickup truck my grandpa bought new in the 50's and just never got around to it. Pops caught the covid and hasnt been the same since. We decided it was best to just donate the truck and that's what I did. Sad to see it go but happy with how easy you made everything. Thanks again.
Classic Truck Donation
Jimmy N.
Long Island, NY
My husband and I donated our late 80's South Wind RV a few months ago and I just got our documents and remembered I forgot to send you a testimonial. We were trying to sell it for over 7 months and I think due to its age no one was interested. We only had 36,000 miles on the odometer, always stored it in a parking storage area and all of the appliances, heater system and generator are brand new. You had someone come pick it up and it started right up and you drove it away. Great thing is you sold it for more than we were asking! Great Job!
Bernadette S.
Lincoln, NE

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