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Cars with Causes - Make A Difference!

Feel good about benefiting worthy and charitable causes!

Worthy Causes / Make a Difference

Vehicle donations made to Cars with Causes are not limited to assisting individuals with transportation needs. Since Cars with Causes is a funding program through Giving Center, your charitable gift provides us with the means to assist individuals with food, shelter, computers/technology, and assist partner non-profit charities with furnishing/updating their facilities, much needed supplies, or cash donations. Below are just some of the types of causes that Giving Center has been able to provide assistance to, because of our donors’ contributions:


Giving Center assists students of all ages, from elementary school to post-secondary education. With the shift to remote and hybrid style learning, there is an even broader need to get updated technology into the hands of students across the nation. Car donation proceeds may go towards helping fund Computers with Causes which is also part of Giving Center.

We receive help requests directly from individuals that range from having children in school that need access to remote learning, to adults who are going back to school to receive their GED, to college students who are either attending for the first time and financial aid doesn’t cover all their expenses, or parents going back to school after starting a family and are choosing between feeding their kids or paying tuition.

Giving Center recognizes the importance of education for those of all ages, and offers assistance in any way that will help people get across the finish line.

Youth Programs, Camps, and Foster Agencies:

Children’s programs are especially near and dear to everyone’s heart, raising the next generation. We are a proud supporter of youth programs that vary from afterschool programs, sports, foster agencies, and other child enrichment programs. We receive requests from a wide range of non-profit agencies looking for funding and other items to help enrich the lives of our youth, typically from underprivileged and poverty stricken locations.


We are proud to support our Veterans who have given up their life to protect the United States. Giving Center provides aid to those who have returned home from overseas and are looking to get reestablished in life as a civilian. Whether the need is housing or transportation or anything in between, we help those who helped to protect our freedom.

Animal Causes:

As animal lovers ourselves, we advocate for the responsible stewardship of animal shelters by supporting those with a no/low-kill mission and various other rehabilitation programs. We recognize that people are the cause of the pet overpopulation that we see so frequently in cities across the country, and support animal groups and programs that offer low or no cost sterilization services to their communities, as well as educational and outreach programs. Giving Center has provided donations to countless animal shelters and rehab facilities in the form of dog/cat food and supplies, raffle items for their fundraisers, and cash donations for vet bills or other emergency needs.

Homeless and Low Income:

With raising food, housing, and medical care costs, there has been an upward trend of homelessness occurring across the United States. Many of the people that have found themselves on the streets are suffering from various mental illnesses, substance abuse, PTSD, or other debilitating conditions. With over 50% of American’s living paycheck to paycheck, it is an unfortunate reality that one medical emergency or a lost job could have devastating effects on one’s livelihood. Giving Center provides relief to those who are the victims of unfortunate circumstance, to help ease the burdens before they become crippling.

Physically Handicapped/Disabled:

Giving Center assists those with physical handicaps as well as disabilities, including medical bills form tragic or emergency events. We have assisted with making home renovations for ADA access after a tragic accident has left a family member in a wheelchair, and even provided wheelchair accessible vehicles to those who can’t otherwise afford them.

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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give..

Cars with Causes was started as a funding project for Giving Center (EIN# 92-1162407), an IRS-approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that operates nationwide. Giving Center was created to help bridge the gap between those in the community who have the means and wish to help, with those who are in dire need of a helping hand and a little grace. We have a team of professional transporters and in house volunteers with both the technical and legal experience to assist you in the donation of any type vehicle.

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