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Collector Car Donations

Donate Collectible Vehicles – Highest Allowed Tax Deduction!

A Classic Car Donation is Fast, Easy, and FREE!

Donate a classic car, vintage muscle car, antique motorcycle, old truck or other collector automobile to charity. Fair Market Tax Deduction, completely free appraisal and free pickup nationwide. All Title & IRS Paperwork completed Fast!

Classic car donation is different from conventional automobile gifting in that the value of classic cars is usually much greater than the typical modern gifted motor vehicle. Your classic car donation is key to aid in the form of financial assistance, endowments, grants, educational assistance and more.

When you donate a classic car to charity, you benefit yourself and people in need at the same time. A classic car donation is an extremely wise option for anyone considering selling their collector automobile. Our most popular collector car donations include Corvettes, Firebirds, Ford Mustangs, Dodge Chargers, Camaro, Volkswagen Buses & Beetles, Bel Airs, Ford Thunderbirds, Chevy Nova and Chevelle.

Why Consider a Classic Car Donation to charity?

Your classic car may need some work. Repairs can be costly for older cars. Finding parts and repairing custom cars or vintage sports coupes can cost more than payments on a new car. When you donate a classic car, we use experts to make repairs and improvements before finding a collector or other great buyer who can appreciate your car’s history. If it’s not running, we typically find a buyer who will see its potential and take it on as a special “project car” and will be committed to getting it back on the road after restoring it to its glory days.

classic car donations

Donate Your Classic Car Today

Whether you are donating a collectible automobile, a hot rod or a classic sports coupe, we understand that it means too much to you to simply sell it. Giving your muscle car or classic car to charity is a great way to support a cause you love. And now that you’ve found the place for the best classic car donation experience and tax deduction, we are at your service.

Collector Car Donation
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How Can I Donate A Classic Car?

1. Call (888)-228-7320 or fill out our classic car donation form above. In less time than it takes you to warm up that vintage engine on a cold winter morning, our experts gather a few key facts on the phone. Once you provide some basic information about your car and where you are located, we’ll find a time that is convenient for you to schedule free, expert towing.

2. YOU Give to Charity. Classic car donations support our social service agencies, non-profits, shelters, schools, individuals with special and educational needs including victims of crime, discrimination, those with physical challenges, financial challenges and more.

3. Use IRS Form 1098-C, which is your classic car donation tax deduction. Within 30 days of sale, we will mail you 2 copies: one for you and one for your accountant to file. Our charity gets a copy of the same, so there is full transparency about the actual sale price.

The Perk of Donating Through Cars With Causes

While contributing to our classic car donations program will give you the chance to transform lives in your community, it will also provide you with an opportunity to receive many great rewards. Here are some of them:

  • You’ll get a hefty tax write-off that is sure to ease your tax burdens.
  • You’ll get to dispose of an unwanted vehicle without spending a dime.
  • We will manage all your paperwork.
  • You’ll save money since you no longer have to pay for your classic car’s repairs, maintenance, insurance, and other expenses.
  • No need to experience the hassles of selling an old vehicle.
  • Free up space in your garage.
  • Feel wonderful about yourself, knowing that your classic car donation will bring a lasting impact on the lives of your less fortunate neighbors.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give..

Cars with Causes was started as a funding project for Giving Center (EIN# 92-1162407), an IRS-approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that operates nationwide. Giving Center was created to help bridge the gap between those in the community who have the means and wish to help, with those who are in dire need of a helping hand and a little grace. We have a team of professional transporters and in house volunteers with both the technical and legal experience to assist you in the donation of any type vehicle.

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